Specialist areas of translation

Examples of just some of the legal and financial fields in which Graham Vincent BVBA offers translations include:

  1. -direct and indirect taxes
  2. -advance rulings and transfer pricing documentation
  3. -judicial proceedings (summonses, pleadings, motions, judgments)
  4. -property deeds and contracts
  5. -legal opinions and advice
  6. -expert appraisals
  7. -annual accounts & audit opinions
  8. -annual reports
  9. -company articles of association
  10. -corporate minutes (shareholders’ or board meetings)
  11. -commercial contracts (sale of goods, mergers, conveyancing, leases, distribution)
  12. -employment matters (contracts, policies, termination of employment)
  13. -diplomas and degree certificates
  14. -official documentation relative to births, marriages & deaths, secondment
  15. -web sites and marketing & communications texts
  16. -legal articles & publications
  17. -legislation and regulations