Graham Vincent


Legal and Financial Translations

Legal translations – for lawyers – by a lawyer

Most translators know how to translate, but some don’t always know what they are translating. Not all are able to afford the luxury of concentrating exclusively in a particular niche area of expertise in which they also hold a professional qualification.

I am one of those that do specialise, in a field in which I have qualified: the law (University of Edinburgh). My background includes having worked in the court practice of a Glasgow law firm and holding in-house positions at leading law firms in Germany and Belgium, plus the Brussels offices of one of the Big 4 tax and advisory firms.

I have over 20 years’ experience in translating legal and financial documentation from each of Belgium’s national languages into English plus coaching members of the Belgian legal community in English writing skills in a manner tailored to the needs of their practice.

Thus, when the quality of important client communication is paramount (court pleadings whose precise import must be communicated to a foreign client or a client company’s foreign parent entity, crucial advice and legal opinions, minutes and corporate housekeeping documentation), Graham Vincent BVBA is here to answer your needs. Confidentiality is assured, of course. Please phone or e-mail for details of fees and availability.